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Monthly Report #2 – January 2016

Hello everyone! How are things going? It’s time for another Monthly Report! Within this month we focused on two main topics: improving gameplay experience and finally show some in-game screenshots for the public. What do you think about them?

Even though improving gameplay was (and still is) our main goal, we like to automate processes that are repetitive. That’s why we did some things that are not particularly impressive from a player point of view, but accelerates our development processes.

Without further ado, let’s dig into report!

Main tasks

Improve Website’s design and create nice landing page

We wanted our website to be more attractive to the visitor and thus we focused on creating landing page that displays in-game images from Sapu as well as lists some major features of the game. How do you like it now?

We plan to improve it much more in a future, but for now we want to focus more on the game itself.

Improve gameplay experience

For pretty complex mechanics that we wan’t to achieve, we know that it will take a little more time. Here is the list what we did in January in that department:

Added lightning system, well not in 100%. This was a pain in the ass to be honest. Although Unity has pretty nice lighting/shader system implemented already, it is applicable more for 3D games. Fortunately, we managed to implement a basic, yet satisfying system and the lights are looking pretty great. However we want to enhance this system to display multiple lights at the same time. But it is not that important at the current state and the task will be continued later. We have also experimented with the option to correlate the range of light with mana/energy, but it didn’t pass our “enjoyment test” : )

● Improved player movement, also not in 100%. We’re still making tweaks here and there to balance the line between action and “immersion”. In other words, we want to create really fun to play action, but not in an arcade style with no realistic movement.

Complete environment for 3 scenes

Scenes are not 100% completed, but we are happy with the available assets that we got for them. Creating levels/scenes is much faster than creating those assets.

Other tasks

As I highlighted earlier, we did some things that will accelerate our development. Here are some “less important” tasks that we did in January:

● Majority of functionalities of a very well-constructed “PathWalking system” implemented. This script allows us to navigate objects (NPCs, mobs) along required path. It is such a nice system that (some day : ) ) Sarseth will present a sort of tutorial how to do that.

● Quick system that adds new entities with all required settings implemented

● 2 sounds files added including a whole 3 minutes long environment sound

● 2 “environmental NPCs” added

● An easy way to do in-game screenshots implemented



I’m not sure if that is interesting screen, but we have some issues with those f***ing bots that generate fake traffic into our website and thus distorts traffic stats. I have included some filters to it so we can still analyze our website’s traffic, but please note that the ORANGE line is correct. The blue line adds all these scumbag bots traffic. Summarizing: 255 Sessions and 445 Pageviews. Also, an average of session increased by almost 30 seconds (since last month) which is a pretty good sign! Thank you!
January Website

Social Media

January Social Media

Main tasks for next month

Improving gameplay experience and build foundations for demo

● Create environment for demo level (which will be also in a full version game as a scene)

● Finish Sapu movement

● Experiment with a feature that pauses the game for a tiny moment after killing an enemy (this is super interesting, I wonder how it will look/feel like)

● Start improving AI of enemies
o Ranged enemy behavior
o Pathfinding

● Choose a final look of Sapu based on concept arts

● Start creating nice animations of Sapu (this may be delayed for march –we’ll see)

● Create music which will be also used for demo scene (at least 10 minutes of well-polished material)

I expect that within this month we’ll create a huge foundation for the much-awaited, fun to play demo. Wish us good luck!