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As much as we love creating Sapu, it would not mean much if you – the players, did not like the game. In our opinion, getting feedback from the players is one of the most important factor deciding whether the game will succeed or fail. When you spend so much time on developing a game, you can inadvertently omit some important details that might create an awesome feature to the game. We would like to encourage you to comment posts and give us feedback what would you like to see in our game. Every comment will only motivate us harder and eventually improve our game! Heck, even if you are silent reader and you are coming back on this site frequently, this means that somehow you are interested in this project, which boosts our motivation as well.

Not everyone knows that developing a video game is a very comprehensive process and really unsafe way of turning a passion into something more. You can develop a game for couple of years and still you can’t be sure that you’ll get any income for it. Many developers benefit from the possibility of getting some revenues from advertisement materials, but we would like to ensure you the best reading quality experience as possible, that’s why we will try to run this blog without any ads! As a direct way of supporting us we provide a voluntary donations:

To every kind person, for every donate we would like to say a big THANK YOU. This will not only help this blog survive online, but also will be a huge motivation for us to bring you great experience both reading this blog and playing our game in a future!