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Sapu is a top-down, action RPG game set in dark fantasy world. Play as a supernaturally gifted young boy and solve the mystery behind the world plunged in darkness. Develop your elemental magic skills, explore ruined universe and fight against the creepiest beasts we can imagine!


Sapu always dreamed to be supernaturally gifted. Many times he imagined himself as a dragon slayer or a brave knight with unbelievable power. What a coincidence... some would say. He lived with his family in a peacefully mountainous area with the forest near a house. It was another, quiet day in the woods as he took a walk with his sister Nadia. But this time, they never came back home. It was the last time when Sapu saw his parents. In this day, the boy found out about his unique abilities. In this moment, you begin a frightening adventure as Sapu to discover what really happened to this lovely family.


  • Upgrade magical spells by combining different elements.
  • Execute – put together various skills into brutal combos.
  • Explore a beautiful, yet scary world.
  • Gain mastery in a given element by utilizing appropriate spells.
  • Think – learn your enemies weaknesses.
  • Trust your mechanics. You’ll need to master them to defeat enemies.
  • Survive in a ruthless world of horrifying beings.
  • Fear – you never know when they’ll come.


Sapu - Steam Greenlight Trailer YouTube


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About Ende Games

Ende Games is an independent game studio based in Toruń, Poland. We create unique experiences for players focusing on atmosphere that can not be forgotten.

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Sapu Credits

Maciej Rybicki
Co-founder / Producer

Szymon Walkowski
Co-founder / Lead Developer

Kamil Bednarski
Co-founder / Lead Artist

Szymon Kusior

Maksym Rudek
Unity 3D Developer

Patryk Brzeziński
3D Artist

Damian Pszczółkowski
3D Animator

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