New demo coming up!

Next Sapu demo

Finally, we established the date for the long-awaited new version of Sapu demo! Other than features described in the previous post like energy-based Save Game and new camera, you’ll be able to check a new combat system, with 2 new spells! 🙂 The build will be sent to all of you subscribers on 28th of January, 2018!

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Combat system

One of the issues that we discovered, was that players tend to run away from enemies too much. Especially when fighting Larissa, the common tactic was to just run away from her and wait for all the cooldowns with almost no risk. Now, when the fight will begin, Sapu will have to go into combat state. This will slow him down and you’ll need to manage cooldowns more wisely, which should be much more fun than simple running around. In order to implement this system we still need to:

● Create new Sapu animations when going into “combat state”
● Implement adaptive music. Whenever fight begins, the tone and tempo of music will smoothly be changed to match what’s going on in the game.

New spells

To recompensate slowed down movement speed while in combat, we’ll introduce two new utility spells. Performing variety of combos using all the spells will be so fun and rewarding – can’t wait! Also, we are working on more powerful spells such as Icewall (this won’t be included in demo though). Take a look:

New monsters

While improving overall gameplay for the demo, we’re still working on Cave locations. Here’s the progress of work on another enemy that you’ll have to face – a big Magma Golem:

Damn, fighting with him will be so challenging. Can’t wait to see him in action!

Indie Games Contest

We are participating in FreeGalaktus Indie Contest for the best Indie Game. Your votes will be much appreciated! Also, tell your friends about it!

How to vote?
1. Go to
2. Click “VOTE FOR THIS GAME!” (button below screenshots and info)
3. You’ll be redirected to the new voting page, go to the bottom and make sure that Sapu is checked
4. Click “I’m not a robot” and vote!

Thank you! This can boost up our development tremendously.

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Sapu demo announcement and quick report

Pyrkon attendance

Shortly after Greenlight success, we attended to Pyrkon 2017. We had our own little Indie Game box where many gamers could check out Sapu. The whole Pyrkon experience was great, the response was incredible, people were awesome giving us feedback and having positive attitude towards us and our game. See this short video from this journey 🙂

Post Greenlight reality

As the dust settled down… a pretty quiet period came by. We had to do some dirty work in terms of code refactoring to be able to move on without a lot of bumps on the road. Also, some private life issues (2 of us changed day job) and Unity update (some strange bugs) happenned that slowed us down. But it’s all behind us and we’re ready to accelerate development! Right now we are focusing on:
● Implementation of (tricky/hopefully enjoyable) save game mechanism
Cave scene with filthy monsters
● Acquisition of new team members (developers and 3D artists)
● Building the best strategy to interact with you guys (players), mostly because there will be…

Sapu demo premiere in a week!

A lot of you have subscribed to our newsletter to get access to demo. Now, it’s the time to release it publicly for the first time. The demo will be sent to all our subscribers in 17th of June, 2017! For this occasion we’ll set up a discord channel to get the most out of this demo in terms of feedback – looking forward to it! So, make sure to check your e-mail inbox next Saturday!

We are very excited about your first reaction on the game! So if you haven’t already, subscribe to our newsletter to check out Sapu demo!

Also, it has to be mentioned that we still need to add a lot of features/improvements to make the full version, these include:

● Full story introduction
● Character development (with sort of “soul itemization”)
● Spell upgrades and balance
● Other “friendly” characters to interact
● Save game mechanism
● Optimization (so it could be played on older/weaker graphic cards)

We focused heavily on the “gameplay” perspective, as you could read on this blog the entire 2016 year. We assume that action game should have polished gameplay to bring the most fun for player.

Tell your friends about demo

If you have some friends that are Dark/RPG maniacs, please do not hesitate and tell them about Sapu. Players feedback is invaluable to us! Thanks!

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