Monthly Report #6 – June 2016

Prototype has been finished

This was crazy month with the progress we’ve made. All required tasks from last monthly report were done. Everyone put so much energy to meet deadlines. It was so encouraging watching the whole team’s activity this month. Hell, we just wanted to finally get the prototype in other hands. The most important issues of this month are listed below:

● The build weighs 750MB now. It is a satisfying result after seeing last month’s 2,7GB.
● Pathfinding has been finished – for prototype at least. It is still far away from final game performance.
● Graphics and sounds are done. The scene is very dark and we get some comments that it is too dark on screenshots. We are aware of that and we’re curious how the scene will look like on different monitors etc. For the final product enabling brightness settings etc. is a no-brainer.

Even though we’ve finished the prototype this month, no one from our tester-list played it yet. Why?

Level design errors

In the process of development, we focused so much on completing different tasks that we kinda missed the core of the actual gameplay that we wanted to achieve. After hours of testing, our skill increased so much that the level design went out of control. The game was too quick, too action-packed, too difficult – too “not what we wanted it to be”. We desired different mechanics than those which we’ve ended up with. We wanted the game to be difficult, but in an enjoyable fashion – not because it’s just simply difficult. So we decided to expand the gameplay a little bit and put another 2 weeks of development to achieve required type of enjoyment. By expanding the gameplay, I mean dealing with…

AI dullness

The behavior of spiders is too normal, too ordinary. We saw such mechanics in thousands of hack&slash games. This does not satisfy us. Sapu is not another hack&slash tutorial, remember? Currently spiders perform only standard melee attacks. We want them to at least jump on Sapu when in range, hell we want them to think and react! Ok I guess we want to slow down our horses too, cause right now there are only 3 of us in which only Sarseth do the programming. However, such (rather) simple task as spider jumping ability enables us to achieve a huge goal – player will have to calculate which skill to use in different situations. Sometimes even small adjustments change gameplay drastically, so we’ll see how it goes.


We postponed prototype premiere several times now. It sucks we know that. I think it’s just how it needs to be right now, with the lack of our experience with almost anything we create for Sapu. But you know what’s funny? Deadlines played a huge, positive role on development. We’ve put much more energy to meet our goals, we progressed much faster. It’s funny cause it’s not like publisher or boss is standing behind us saying scary things if we don’t meet deadlines. We put them on our own. Human brains are tricky bastards. I’m sure that, we would be far behind of where we’re at right now if those self-injected deadlines weren’t capitalized. So we’ll stick to them and will (probably) be late many more times 🙂

What’s next?

After releasing the prototype (next week? 🙂 ), we want to create another scene which will be a little bit brighter – mainly for screenshots (maybe it’s time to do some gifs?) purposes. In the meantime we’ll analyze results of our prototype surveys. We’ll get much needed opinions and comments and then we’ll adjust some things according to them.

Then we’ll move on to create sort of Vertical slice version of the game meaning that the main focus we’ll put on next Sapu skills and mobs behavior.

Check out our Facebook and Twitter accounts to get recent updates!


I’m giving up with website stats. Too many bots that mess up statistics. I don’t want to loose too much time making filters and all this crap. If you have any suggestions how we could measure website’s popularity, let us know! However, I’ll add a newsletter subscribers metric. This should be our most important metric… so I guess we have a lot to learn 🙂

Monthly Report #5 – May 2016

We’re getting close to finish the prototype!

It was an intensive month where everyone put a lot of effort to finish our first playable demo. We made pretty big step forward in development since last report. Finally, I started to enjoy playing the game! 🙂 Earlier, for the most part I only saw flaws that needed to be took care of. Now, I feel that the game needs few major improvements(AI / lighting and shadows / More fun skills) and few tweaks here and there to be one of the big surprises in the gaming industry! Ekhm… ok, back to the earth. Check out the most important issues of this month:

All characters created and implemented

See this quick presentation of what characters will be included in a prototype!

Huge file size of build version

Unfortunately, during the whole process of development, we did a rookie mistake. We didn’t put much attention on our final build file size. I can’t express our amazement when we first saw that our build weighs over 4 GB (while all our files weigh approximately around 500MB) :O. Quick research showed that the problem was that we wasted too much pixel space on spritesheets. It was very convenient for us, but man it would be distaster in a long run.
build size
Luckily, we found the cause quickly enough. Qra is currently optimizing all the sprites.

AI/Pathfinding system

More you get, the more you want. Although the system is still not top-notch and has its flaws, as it finally got better, we felt that we want even more. We had interesting discussion on Orkabat’s (first ranged enemy) behavior and things that he can do. And trust me, when you unleash this creative mind, it can escalate quickly. This way we would not finish the game before 2023 😀

As of now we decided that Orkabat will perform basic attacks with some special movement (e.g. sliding left and right). But it is highly probable that we’ll add another skill that pushes Sapu away. It has the potential to be super fun so we’ll see how it goes.

I’m pretty sure that the whole AI “task” will follow to the release day as we will always want more, want it better etc. Maybe the fact that every creature will be fun to fight against is gonna be our trademark? We’ll see.

Transition to 3D sounds

How on earth we thought it is not necessary? 😀 3D sound system is basically fully implemented in Unity that allow you to hear certain object on left speaker if it is on the left side of your screen (and vice-versa on the right side). This month we implemented this system and modified sounds. Now we hear water near river (and not on the entire map :D), raven as it passes by and everything feels much more natural. Fortunately we didn’t have thousands of sounds to modify yet.

Additional teleport skill

Now, beside 4 basic spells that were implemented some time ago, we added a teleport one on Air element. This basic teleport is so much fun to use and also will help playtesters survive in this horrible world we’ll put them on 🙂

Other done tasks

● Basic AI + Larissa AI (with additional spells)
● In-game GUI
● Main menu (animation – we’ll try to implement it in mp4 format)
● 3D sound system + sound effects for almost anything required
● Sound management system tweaks
● Spell interruption (when sapu get hit)
● Pause menu with nice controls presentation
● Credits + Success/Game Over graphics

What’s left?

● Optimizing build size – currently about 2,7 GB
● AI improvements – this is the most important task, with current flaws/bugs the game is still not ready to be put in playtesters hands
● Spells fixes (one spell will be fixed, one most probably will have updated graphics)
● Implementing music changes while fighting with Larissa
● Settings customization for playtesters (i.e. volume and brightness)
● Final level design (+ balancing stats)
● Contact with playtesters + creating questionnaire
● Uploading demo

Our postponed prototype deadline is 12.06. Check out our Facebook and Twitter accounts to get recent updates how it goes!


I am pretty happy with this month’s stats. We were much more active on social media including all #screenshotsaturdays and provided additional content at a constant rate.


Google Analytics stats:

Social Media


Characters in prototype version!


If you missed some of our screenshotsaturday on Facebook or Twitter this month you might missed our characters that will be included in our prototype version! So here you have a short presentation 🙂


The main character. If you’ll ever play this game, you’ll play as this young boy. In prototype version, Sapu has 4 basic skills for each element and one additional, a quick teleport that should protect him from many situations.


This is Larissa, a Spider Mother. She is the most dangerous creature in a prototype scene. Other than basic attacks She has three additional special skills:

Vomit – Larissa takes a big breath and hits you with poison that deals constant damage and slows you down
Spider Web – Larissa turns and fires a spider web that (if hit) blocks Sapu for a second or two.
Egg Plant – Larissa lays an egg, and a second after 3 small spiderlings come out just to kill Sapu.

Other than Larissa and her spiderlings, we’ll have medium sized spiders on the scene.


Orkabat – a ranged enemy. Orkabats other than shooting Sapu with their projectile spells, are also remarkable acrobats. They can slide to the left or right to evade any spells thrown at them. Also, if Sapu get near, they push him back with powerful wind and fly away to shoot him from distance. Sapu needs to be careful with those as well.

How to make a game: What game genre and style to choose?

When it comes to bigger projects in game development industry (mostly not mobile games), many beginner devs struggle with the choice of genre and the complexity of the game they want to make. It is certainly very important decision. Some genres take thousands hours to make, some are much easier. How a group of awesome folks that decided to create an Indie Studio should make a choice of their first game genre? How we approached Sapu? How to assess the complexity?

Big AAA companies route

It is important to stress out that choosing game genre highly correlates with the innovation factor that we have to take into account. First of all, we can choose big AAA companies route. It is a route controlled by marketing departments that do tons of research of a market. They analyze what sells today, and what will sell tomorrow. Here, take a look at these awesome charts from Entertainment Software Association on which genres sell best:

Best selling genres in US Source:

Best selling genres in US

There are so many variables and statistics that we could benefit from in order to make the right choice. Based on the platform where we want to sell our games, we can make very reasonable selection of the key features and content. Isn’t it great? Yes it is… partly. Yes, we could also do the researches and analyze many things, but is it really important for us, Indie developers?

In my opinion the difference between us Indies, and big AAA companies is that they certainly look at such surveys but we should not take it so serious. Don’t get me wrong, it is very reasonable approach that gets them a lot of money, but we can’t compete with them on their rules on this competitive and challenging market.

Experimental route

Fortunately I feel like players, especially a little bit older ones, are not satisfied with such business approach presented by AAA companies. Their games are pretty much non-innovative and do not bring anything new to the table. Other than amazing graphics and fascinating stories, the gameplay doesn’t change much and repetitiveness from game to another is being felt.

Same maps setup Farcry Primal vs Farcry 4 Source

Same maps setup Farcry Primal vs Farcry 4

And that’s why some Indie Devs have been so successful. They brought that new, unexpected content to the market. They brought something extraordinary that no one ever saw. They brought unexplored experiences that many gamers looked for. That’s Indie chance, do something different. It is our gateway to stand out on the market and potentially be successful.

But why don’t big companies create such innovative games? Because such approach brings risk. You can hit the spot and be successful, but you can also develop a game that will be too weird for customers causing them not buying it at all. Current trend is that AAA companies hire small studios to create “indie”, innovative games. That lowers their costs and therefore is not that risky as it could be, if the whole big studio would go for such game.

Easy route

Other than being innovative or not, our folks main issue is the complexity of their first game. We can find many voices from other developers that suggest starting making games that are easy to develop i.e. platformers where you run to the right, jump and at best… shoot something. If you love this kind of games (or plan to just simply learn programming/game development processes) than I’d say go for it!

Factors indicating gamers decision Source:

Factors indicating gamers decision

From the chart above we can tell that cheap game with exceptional graphic and drawing attention story has very high chance to be successful. Unfortunately not many Indies have a luxury of having amazing graphics and storytelling 6th sense. Also, some devs just don’t want to do such stuff.

But I would consider it twice if the only reason why you choose certain game genre is because it’s easier to develop. Such decision needs to be carefully thought-out, cause it might be non-rewarding journey.

Balance is the key

As almost everything in our lives, balance is the key. You don’t want to be too conservative with the game and go with the easy route. Why? Because you won’t sell it. Simply, it won’t distinguish itself on market and won’t be that attractive for potential customers. But also you don’t want to overdo it and with too optimistic and too ambitious plans that will take forever to finish the game you dreamed of. I have to say that our initial plans were too optimistic and that’s why we decided to cut out some of the features. Of course, we won’t create a game that even us wouldn’t buy, but we need to be aware of our limitations.

Even such balanced decision causes many hours of work. Therefore I would strongly recommend to go with the prototype/ MVP route as it not only will ease the whole process of development (cause you focus on much smaller project) but also accelerates it.

Do what you love

Ultimately, the main factor that should help you choose whether to create RTS, RPG, Shooter or any other game and determine the complexity of the game should be the question: Do you love what you’re doing? We do.

Monthly Report #4 – April 2016

Hi everyone it’s been a long time since our latest post. April’s been such insane month for me privately, that I couldn’t even find any time to post our progress. Fortunately different real-life things that kept me offline straightened out and I can finally focus more on Sapu and this blog.

As you may know we expected to create a prototype level at the end of April but unfortunately we couldn’t manage to get it as smoothly as we wanted to. Our inexperience in some of the game-related development processes showed off, and of course in such situations Murphy ’s Law makes its presence felt. As we are still focused on this level, in this report I will share more information about how are things going right now and how far we are until first tester will get to play Sapu.

Why so long?

AI/Pathfinding system

Ok guys, pathfinding works just fine.

As I mentioned earlier our inexperience showed off. First of all, the whole pathfinding system is pretty complex monster. For example, just look of what various enemies need to be aware of in order to smartly chase player during game time e.g.:

● Their size, speed and position
● Other enemies’ size, speed and position
● Other objects’ size and position
● And of course… Player’s position

Enemies aware of their size.

Add to it all this algorithmic shit for 20+ enemies… Besides, other than my (and eventually players) requirements as for how the AI behavior should look like, Sarseth wants the system to be as much optimized as possible for now, so it won’t catch us later as very complex problem. I predicted that we will need a full month (part time of course) to implement a solid pathfinding system, but I guess I underestimated this monster. The task still goes on and fortunately it is starting to shape up.

Player movement changes (WASD -> Mouse)

Yep, movement again… We decided that it is going to be controlled only with mouse (LoL alike). Earlier we thought that it will be so cool to cast different spells in one direction and run in other at the same time… and then it failed our “fun test” and caused “legs problem” (changing Sapu’s animation based on cursor’s location was too much for us :D) as well. Therefore from now on, Sapu will have to stop for a second (or less) and turn into desired direction in order to cast a spell. Such setup not only eliminates “legs problem” because it will be the same animation, but also provides risk-management opportunity where player needs to decide whether in this particular situation it’s better to run or to fight… or to use specific spell that allows for both 😀.

Transition from 2D sprite enemies to 3D models

I think I mentioned about this transition in previous report, we considered 3D modeling learning curve as to be time consuming in order to create solid, nice looking models, animations and textures. But I’m sure that as Qra’s skills increase, it should be more and more efficient work and finally will accelerate production over animating 2D sprites.

Scheduling while working part time

Sometimes you work 20, sometimes 30… and sometimes 4 hours a week. I’ll put it this way – it sucks.

What’s done?

● Sapu model (and all his animations + texture)
● In-game GUI
● Spider model (+ all animations and spells for “Boss”)
● Sapu movement on mouse
● Majority of sound effect and Sound management system which allows me to customize different options (but it will be improved after finishing prototype version)
● Combat music (epic style – we’ll share it on soundcloud soon!)

What’s next?

Other than finishing pathfinding system:

● Implementation of Sapu model (and all his animations)
● In-game GUI implementation
● Level’s design (finishing it, testing and adjusting its difficulty correctly)
● Simplistic main menu + game instructions.
● (optional) If Qra will have time – creating better model for ranged enemy (earthworm alike)
● Sound effects for unimplemented stuff

I’d like to finish those tasks within this month so we can hand it to playtesters next month. Also We plan to show this prototype on some indie game conventions in July/September so it is important to have it as polished as possible.


In April we were pretty much non-active at all on Social Media. As I mentioned, April was too much for me. As for guys… well they had their hands full with their tasks as we really wanted to finish prototype at expected time. But lets be honest, do You think Sapu will be a great success and will generate satisfying amount of players around with such marketing? Me neither… Thus We won’t fail so much in this department anymore.


Google Analytics stats:
Website - April stats

Social Media

April stats
Some materials from March gave us little boost in SM followers. For many, these are non-existing numbers. For us – its 50% more on Twitter! 😀

PS: Sarseth works with such music as in above videos on a daily basis… 😀

Monthly Report #3 – February 2016

Hello everyone what’s up? We didn’t write anything for a long time, but we are coming back with another Monthly Report – this time we’ll summarize February and provide some information about our plans for this month.

First of all, as you may noticed on our Facebook page, we all agreed upon deadline of our major goal, which is to create a prototype (about 10-15 minutes gameplay long) by the end of April! I am happy with the progress we’ve got on the gameplay side and the fact that we’re getting closer to finally show the game to first playtesters!

Secondly, it is important to mention that we met earlier this month and decided to remove some features (mana and items) from our game in order to not overdo it with the amount of work ahead of us and limited man-power. Eventually, we want to bring this game to the market, so it was very difficult but reasonable decision. However, we also decided that we will create 3D models for every character/enemies as it (after initial slow-down for learning purposes) should be easier to create animations and match their quality to beautiful environment.

So yeah… On to the development process:

Main tasks

Improve gameplay experience

● Created the demo Scene, but it’s not 100% finished yet – we’ll be iterating and improving it as the gameplay will look better
● Finished Sapu movement mechanic (accelerations etc.) in order to “feel” the movement more natural
● Implemented a feature that pauses entire game for a tiny moment after hitting/killing an enemy (it is a nice feature for spells with more damage)
● Improved ranged enemy behavior (now they predict player’s position and aim more naturally with projectile spells + added some randomization)
● Created dark ambience like environment sound for prototype scene
● Based on some concept arts of how Sapu will look like, we agreed on “a boy with a hood” as a final (pre-prototype at least 🙂 ) Sapu appearance

Other tasks

Other than pure functions to improve gameplay we did some additional work including:
● Created 9 minutes of post-rock style music for calm scenes/menus etc. in collaboration with talented guitarist Damian-pok! Parts of this song have been used for our music so check it out!
● Created sound system that enables to easily add sounds with basic parameters
● Added some functions that accelerate level design


Well this was not a good month of marketing from my part. I had less time overall and even when had it, I wanted to focus more on the game content rather than strict marketing. Additionally, I think that the most effective marketing is to show screens, gifs and other content from the game so in my opinion it was a good decision.

Anyways, let’s dig into some numbers!


As a positive part – bots are not bothering us! Atleast for now…

Social Media

Twitter’s follow-for-follow methodology caused us to even loose some followers (it was 22 at highest) but it is not our policy as we want to gather true followers that will support us in our gamedev path!

Main tasks for next month

This month we’re continuing our road to create first prototype. The main tasks for March include:

● Improve AI of enemies (mainly pathfinding)

● Add the feature that slows down Sapu after getting hit

● Add missing spells that have influence on the movement of Sapu which should improve “gameplay fun” tremendously

● End all the gameplay sounds

● Create entire spider enemy (model and textures)

● Create early model for Sapu (it will be improved in April most probably)

● Finish the prototype scene (environment etc.)

That’s it. I am mostly concern on our art/SFX/3D-modelling part for this month as we don’t have much experience in it. Well, wish us good luck and stay tuned for another monthly report. Also, don’t miss this week’s #screenshotsaturday as we’ll show our first gif of prototyped scene!

Monthly Report #2 – January 2016

Hello everyone! How are things going? It’s time for another Monthly Report! Within this month we focused on two main topics: improving gameplay experience and finally show some in-game screenshots for the public. What do you think about them?

Even though improving gameplay was (and still is) our main goal, we like to automate processes that are repetitive. That’s why we did some things that are not particularly impressive from a player point of view, but accelerates our development processes.

Without further ado, let’s dig into report!

Main tasks

Improve Website’s design and create nice landing page

We wanted our website to be more attractive to the visitor and thus we focused on creating landing page that displays in-game images from Sapu as well as lists some major features of the game. How do you like it now?

We plan to improve it much more in a future, but for now we want to focus more on the game itself.

Improve gameplay experience

For pretty complex mechanics that we wan’t to achieve, we know that it will take a little more time. Here is the list what we did in January in that department:

Added lightning system, well not in 100%. This was a pain in the ass to be honest. Although Unity has pretty nice lighting/shader system implemented already, it is applicable more for 3D games. Fortunately, we managed to implement a basic, yet satisfying system and the lights are looking pretty great. However we want to enhance this system to display multiple lights at the same time. But it is not that important at the current state and the task will be continued later. We have also experimented with the option to correlate the range of light with mana/energy, but it didn’t pass our “enjoyment test” : )

● Improved player movement, also not in 100%. We’re still making tweaks here and there to balance the line between action and “immersion”. In other words, we want to create really fun to play action, but not in an arcade style with no realistic movement.

Complete environment for 3 scenes

Scenes are not 100% completed, but we are happy with the available assets that we got for them. Creating levels/scenes is much faster than creating those assets.

Other tasks

As I highlighted earlier, we did some things that will accelerate our development. Here are some “less important” tasks that we did in January:

● Majority of functionalities of a very well-constructed “PathWalking system” implemented. This script allows us to navigate objects (NPCs, mobs) along required path. It is such a nice system that (some day : ) ) Sarseth will present a sort of tutorial how to do that.

● Quick system that adds new entities with all required settings implemented

● 2 sounds files added including a whole 3 minutes long environment sound

● 2 “environmental NPCs” added

● An easy way to do in-game screenshots implemented



I’m not sure if that is interesting screen, but we have some issues with those f***ing bots that generate fake traffic into our website and thus distorts traffic stats. I have included some filters to it so we can still analyze our website’s traffic, but please note that the ORANGE line is correct. The blue line adds all these scumbag bots traffic. Summarizing: 255 Sessions and 445 Pageviews. Also, an average of session increased by almost 30 seconds (since last month) which is a pretty good sign! Thank you!
January Website

Social Media

January Social Media

Main tasks for next month

Improving gameplay experience and build foundations for demo

● Create environment for demo level (which will be also in a full version game as a scene)

● Finish Sapu movement

● Experiment with a feature that pauses the game for a tiny moment after killing an enemy (this is super interesting, I wonder how it will look/feel like)

● Start improving AI of enemies
o Ranged enemy behavior
o Pathfinding

● Choose a final look of Sapu based on concept arts

● Start creating nice animations of Sapu (this may be delayed for march –we’ll see)

● Create music which will be also used for demo scene (at least 10 minutes of well-polished material)

I expect that within this month we’ll create a huge foundation for the much-awaited, fun to play demo. Wish us good luck!

Sapu and the Minimum Viable Product

Recently, I learned the term Minimum Viable Product. It is highly recommended approach for creating a new product, when you should focus on creating simple product, as fast as you can, and then show it to your potential customers. In such way you get feedback about it at the early stage of development, which might be very important (and sometimes refreshing). Then you can easily iterate and improve this product according to this feedback. When I read about it for the first time, I was amazed how so simple approach can be that much effective for Sapu. For over half a year we were slowly building our game, creating inventory system or other features that are not really “fun to play”. We had incredible gameplay in mind, but yet to be implemented.

Applying MVP to Sapu

In addition to the fact that our brand/game is pretty much still non-existent on the web and we are still waiting for our first true, long-term followers, applying MVP seems to be a no-brainer. Thus we transferred this approach to our little game development world. We focused solely on creating satisfying gameplay just to build short “production demo” as soon as possible and let some friends and other players play it to give us their opinion what they like about the game and what could be improved. Make no mistake, this demo will be far away from finished game, it will contain only few main features (and not top-notch polished SFX) of the game, but I’m sure it will help us tremendously to create the best gameplay experience we can.

Sapu gameplay?

When some friends asked me a month ago when they’ll be able test our game or see some gameplay, I responded that it is a long process and at the current state, Sapu is not ready for any exposure. But hey! The inventory system is implemented! YAAY… Well no, not really.

Now, if someone would asked me the same question, I still would respond that the game is not “playable” yet, but we are working hard to create such minimum viable product, that he’ll be able to test the game soon. And it really feels so much better!

Learn from mistakes

I’m sure we missed many opportunities during the whole development process by doing not important stuff at such early stages, but it’s a learning process and I love it. I am happy that we started this blog not only from marketing perspective, but it also allowed us to better evaluate our work and take the right course of action.

Monthly Report #1 – December 2015

Today we are starting with a Monthly Report series. The series will be published every month to make a summary what we did in the previous month and show some statistics regarding Sapu’s “publicity”. As it is first post of the series, I’m sure that the overall scheme will change over time and adjust with the aim of providing updated status of our development in the best way possible. At the end of the post I’ll try to cover the most important features which we would like to add in next (current) month. So let the summary begin!

Main tasks

Start website (captain obvious at his best 🙂 )

After some positive feedback that we got from you, we are pretty happy about your first reactions. Kind people from reddit didn’t shy to give us constructive criticism and we’re working on adjustments now. The main goal is to create landing page which will explain what the game is about in nice and concise fashion. But to do that, we need some polished images/gifs and that’s why it is not implemented yet. But we changed the background and replaced this “pretty boring white” for something more atmospheric. We hope you like it!

Improve gameplay experience

In December we started the campaign for “better gameplay experience” to finally feel the enjoyment while playing. Here are some tasks that we have worked on:
• Implemented feature that dynamically adjusts camera position based on the location where player holds cursor.
• Added Camera/screen shake
• Dealt with minor adjustments with projectile spells (increased their speed etc.)
We are still not happy enough with the gameplay and I think it is 5-6 features away from being “fun”. As soon as it will feel like that, we will finally show first glimpses (gifs) from our game and I can’t wait to do that.

Complete environment for 2 scenes

Well, we didn’t finish any of these two scenes due to some continuous iteration which was meant to improve gameplay on one of the scene and quite frankly our inexperience with such processes. I’m sure that we will make up for those backlogs in January.

Other tasks

• 5 bugs fixed
• 6 animations added
• An easy way to adjust single sound volumes implemented
• A script that allow us to change transparency of object dynamically
• Visited Gdynia Game Festival, talked to other developers and attended to some game-dev related lectures. Also distributed around 60 business cards!
• Implemented a system that allows us to easily add different languages to the game


First followers report. The numbers are pretty mediocre but hey – we’re just starting! Also the fact that no one saw any screens from the game didn’t help keeping interest.


330 page views and 152 users. I’m curious what will be the numbers at the end of 2016 🙂

Social Media

Facebook count: 36 likes
Twitter count: 6 followers

Main tasks for next month


• Improve its look,
• Add landing page with screens!

Improve gameplay experience

• Add lightning system,
• Improve player movement
• Add absorb capability for some spells
• Add 2 new spells
• Improve ranged enemy behavior
This will allow us to seriously proceed for the next level to finally create experimental demo to showcase the game to some players and see their initial reaction.

Complete environment for 3 scenes

• Including finishing 2 unaccomplished from December

Well, that’s it for the first Monthly Report. How do you like it? Wow… I’m so excited for this year! Are you?

What have we done?

It is my first post and I’ve spent last 10 minutes thinking about how to start it… Well I guess that I will start from the beginning. How many times you thought about your career? Did the way of paying your bills and approach to pursue your job goals were planned very carefully? If yes, this either means that:

• you was one of those well-organized, serious and resolute teenagers
• you found your passion respectively early
• (hopefully not) your parents choose your career for you.

For more than 20 years I have struggled to find my way and career path. Somehow I had that feeling that everything will be just fine since I considered myself as a smart guy who can adapt quickly to new and unknown situations. While I still think that way, I also discovered that since I will dedicate approximately 1/3 of my life to work, it needs to be a job that I am passionate about. “But which of my interests can be turned into profit?” I asked myself. After some days of struggle, mixing different approaches, combining my down-to-earth attitude and impossible dreams I finally found It. Area that I was enjoying pretty much all my life, but I had no knowledge about its backstage and how it was done. But it only made me even more motivated to get to know everything about it. So finally, I opened web-browser and searched for…

How to make a game?

Oh boy this activated overwhelming tons of information that at that time looked like a total mess, including:

• Numerous programming languages
• Multiplicity of game engines
• Different platforms
• Art styles and approaches
• Distribution possibilities
• Legal issues

And many others… I couldn’t find a blog that would carry me hand by hand in an easy-to-read way and help me take first steps. That is why on this blog I want to describe our path in such complex world of game development. I want this blog to be a motivational gateway that will help survive other game devs who just started in this somehow hermetic domain. Instead of such blog I found either programming tutorials or… those forums, where so many people thinking they’re the world’s biggest brains, tried to tell me what is good and what not. I read about what I have to do to be successful and if I won’t do that, I will be a looser doomed to fail. Unfortunately (for them I guess) I had that feeling that they only tried to boost their “expert” egos, rather than actually helping novice game devs. But those guys, that sometimes lost double-digit years for game development with mediocre or poor results, did teach me one thing – game development is not an easy task for anyone, especially for a studio consisting of one person. Even though I accepted to imagine myself as a single developer that creates a game for years after regular job, I’ve started to doubt my skills and felt less motivated to pursue this path.

Teamwork kid, teamwork

Since I’ve always enjoyed being in various teams whether on regular sports or even e-sport games, I’ve started to think if I can find and inspire others to join me. I felt that by combining different talents this could only turn into more efficient and encouraging work. Thus later on, I approached my high-school friend Qra and asked him if he is willing to sacrifice his free time into such insecure idea as it was back then. Fortunately with the combination of some beers and snooker games he didn’t hesitate too long and was very interested in it. We started to learn more about game development and our respective, not so defined roles. As we discovered more and more, our initial plans were very realistic – “let’s just create a boy that can walk around and enter some buildings”. I think that such unambitious plans were due to my poor programming skills mostly with the addition of Qra’s doubts about his artistic talents. Even though I had Qra on my side, I still thought that it was too much for me to do and that this would take too many years to make a game that meet our ambitions. I guess it is natural feeling when amateurs like us, wanted to create pro game like we desired. That is why we decided to find this one big missing piece in our Sapu puzzle, which was a professional programmer/developer. Some weeks later, sticking to proven strategy, I invited our another long friend from high-school Sarseth for a beer and introduced him to our idea. Luckily for us (and maybe even for You – potential player :)), he also did not hesitate too long.

Although grabbing my real-life friends may seem as quick and easy action, I prepared a lot for those two meetings because deep inside myself, I felt that for one: it is not easy to convince another person for such commitment, and two: it was crucial for me to stay positively motivated about my professional dreams. That is why I am very happy that both guys agreed to team-up with me and thus together make something that can be life-changing experience for all of us. I think that the whole process of negotiating and convincing other people to work with you with no guaranteed profit, deserves to be described in another post, which I will cover in future.

What will you find on Sapu website?

Judging by those first paragraphs you may notice that this will not be just simple blog about the process of Sapu game development. Of course, as the time goes by, I will share more information about the game itself describing our progress, showing images, gifs and other stuff. However, I will also share my thoughts and feelings that are not solely related to technical aspects of game development. I’d like to look at myself and our team from imagined distance. I feel that in a long term, it can be very helpful for not only us as a team, but also as individuals. In opposite to many bloggers, I won’t be your big guru – been there done that guy, that has his structured, never wrong opinion on every topic. I will describe various elements of game development process as well as share our ups and downs in a transparent, straight-forward manner. Instead of saying “do this because I said that”, you’ll read how we approached different problems and see if you can learn from our mistakes or can benefit from things that we did right. By doing so, I’d like to connect with other starting up game developers to share our passion and motivate ourselves.