About Us

Ende Games is a group of three friends that teamed up to create an independent game development studio and provide unique experiences for players. Currently we develop our first title called “Sapu”, a top-down horror game with RPG elements. Our greatest advantage is the fact that we know each other very well and have been friends for years. Thus we trust each other and we know that no one will abandon this project. Game development is our passion and it makes everyone very motivated to create the game from start to finish. As game development combines different specializations (programming, art, marketing, sound and many, many more) we split our talents between different areas. But even though everyone is responsible for “his” area, we all share our ideas and communicate frequently to choose optimal solutions. Although we create the core of the studio, as the time will go, we will cooperate with other awesome people (artists/play testers etc.), about which we will inform you on this blog. Let us introduce yourself briefly:

Maciej “sprajt” Rybicki – I am a founder, or I would rather say an initiator of the Ende Games. Most of the content you read here is written by me, so to all grammar Gurus – there you have your scapegoat 😉 Other than writing grammatical errors on this blog, I am responsible for things like: workflow management, game design, marketing and sound design.
I am a gamer since I can remember, but as years go by I discovered that other than just playing them, it would be awesome to create them. The games which simply people will enjoy playing. Hell, my dream is to make a living by doing what I love and game development is this kind of a gateway, which hopefully will allow me to fulfill it.

As I have pretty competitive nature, I have always been into all kinds of e-sports, starting from CS 1.5. Seeing the growth of e-sport and how thousands of fans gather in one place to cheer their favorite teams, one of my biggest professional aspiration is to create (and maintain 🙂 ) a game that will bring amazing competitive experience for the players. But as I am aware that it is not going to happen when creating our first game, I decided to put these ambitions for later occasion. Other than e-sport games I am a fan of classic RPG games which take place in medieval-ish times such as Diablo, Baldurs Gate/Icewind Dale or Gothic. Many people differentiate such elements of games as graphics, story, gameplay etc., but in my opinion all these factors create the feel, which I like to call the atmosphere of a game. It is that undefined impression that tells you whether the game you play is special or feel just meh. Limbo, as an Indie representative, showed me how player will never tell that it is just meh game – it had atmosphere. I hope that Sapu, will have this feeling which will bring unexplored experiences for players and thus will mark Ende Games brand as a studio that is definitely worth to follow.

Kamil „Qra” Bednarski – game designer, lead 2d artist currently responsible for all the graphics made for Sapu as well as lead level designer.
The passion… passion for the games is what drives me. I have been playing games since childhood, spending hours playing Mario while faking that I had flu and laying in the bed. I’ve been learning my first English while playing one of the best games – Mafia. I’ve been learning teamwork while playing Counter-Strike. Games were and still are a big part of my life.

I have been playing a lot of games, MMOs, e-sport kind or single player. I met a lot of people that helped me to learn what each type of player desire from the game. That experience and knowledge is very important for me when creating our own game. While designing game mechanics, skills, and even small things, it is important to fall in love with different ideas that popped out of the air. You have to convert this idea into something that has strong roots and will not fall at different phases of designing by artist or programmers. I think that you have to drive through your mind and think – is that idea gonna be appropriate for every kind of player, at every moment of the game?

Have I ever thought that I will be artist for 2d game? No.
Did I finish the art studies? No.
Let me tell you something, there are no barriers for us, humans. Whatever you desire, whatever you want to do, JUST DO IT. It takes time to learn. If you haven’t finished some kind of school in the direction you want to go, it doesn’t mean you can’t learn it by yourself and make your dreams come true.

I want Sapu to be the game that will stay in players hearts for a long time. The games that inspire me the most are games like “Ori and the blind forest”, “Bastion” and “Transistor”. Even though those are not big titles, when I entered each of these games, I got drawn by each of their world. I felt on my skin every bit of sound, every bit of beauty that was around me. And I am trying hard, for Sapu to make the same feeling for everyone that is willing to save that little boy’s world.

Szymon „Sarseth” (in web. “Koniu” for friends.) Walkowski – lead, principal developer and architect in the Ende Games Studio.
In work, and in everything daily, I am using Java. But for Sapu’s purpose I’m using C#. I can’t say what language is better, because both of them have their advantages and disadvantages. I finished IT studies with an engineer degree, and I believe without it I wouldn’t be who I am now. But for me, it’s only beginning and what the future holds is depending only on me. You cannot stop develop yourself. In my mind, whoever you wanna be, you have to get it by yourself. That’s about those motivation speeches.

I’m interested in airplanes I guess. Frankly, I’m more excited about flying on vacations, than being on them 😉 I’d say that my first IT job made me like that with first big systems on which I was working there for airline companies (weight & balance).

Also as other team members I love games. All kinds of games. Starting from FPS shooters with multiplayer option, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was my favorite. But currently the best multiplayer competitive game is hands-down Rocket League. Well, I always wished to be e-sport player… 😉 As for the strategy genre I’d say Total War series in which Rome I and Medieval II was the best parts. For pretty brainless clicker to relax I’d pick up Diablo series. I’ve spent many hours on this series in my youth. My favorite RPG 3D is Witcher as well as books about him which I love, these are the best I’ve ever read. Furthermore I believe all game companies could learn thing or two from CD Project. Of course I played good old RPG games like Fallout 1 & 2, Baldur’s Gate 1 & 2, which belong to those games that I will never forget. From indie games area, Braid and Hotline Miami have their special places in my heart. Wish that Sapu can be so much emotional as Braid and will have such difficult and dynamic gameplay as Hotline Miami does. All this supplemented with spell combination from Magicka – this was my first imagination of how our first game will look like. The time will show us if the game about Sapu will meet my imagination.

What I hate about game companies, is when they give players buggy games. I believe that it came from my first job. I could not deliver buggy (not perfect, but without critical issues) application to client, because it could seriously kill many people because of system error. I wish that gamedev companies would have some kind of same feeling, that it will ruin someone’s day. That’s why I promised here, that this game will not be launched till it’s fairly playable.