About Sapu


Sapu is a top-down, action RPG game with a dark atmosphere. Play as a supernaturally gifted young boy and save humanity from evil that endangers the world. Explore ruined world and develop your elemental magic skills to fight against the most creepy beasts you can imagine!


Sapu always dreamed to be supernaturally gifted. Many times he imagined himself as a dragon slayer or a brave knight with unbelievable power. But besides those impossible dreams, Sapu was a good-mannered, down-to-earth boy that always helped his parents on everyday duties. The family lived in a peacefully mountainous area with the forest near a house. Thus every few days, along with his beautiful sister Nadia, Sapu was venturing deep into the forest, to collect mushrooms, herbs, fruits and other nature goods.

It was another, quiet day when parents asked the siblings to bring some medicinal herbs as well as berries for Sapu’s favorite cake. But on this day, they never came back home. It was the last time when Sapu saw his parents. On this day, the boy found out about his unique abilities. On this day, you will begin a frightening adventure as Sapu and will discover what really happened to this lovely family.



Upgrade magical skills by combining different elements.
Execute – put together various skills into brutal combos.
Explore beautiful, yet scarry world.
Gain mastery in a given element by utilizing appropriate skills.
Think – It is not another hack&slash clicker tutorial.
Trust your mechanics. You’ll need to master them to save the world.
Survive – they are scary and you are not invincible.
Fear – you never know when they’ll come.

Technical Information

Genre: Action/Horror/RPG
Stage: Production
Engine: Unity
Platforms: PC
Language: English
Players: Single-player


Here is the link to our press release, where you can find all necessary information and media files:
Press Release