Sapu – dark cave, save game and aesthetics

It’s been a while since our last post and few things have changed from that time. Let’s summarize what happened with the development of Sapu lately!

Cave, a new location

We’re building a set of levels which will occur in dark cave. Here, we want to play around with the lightning as there will be very dark and you as a player will have to be smart about it. Not going too manly, lightning up torches and piles or predicting enemies behavior. The levels are still in development.
A Toxic Bug will remain as one of your enemies in this environment. You can see how the process of creating this monster looked like:

Aesthetics changes

As Unity introduces new features related to rendering and post-processing effects, we decided to create unique visuals for the game. We want the world to be more grim and sad to set up the mood, but stay with effective spells performed by Sapu, as he brings the light in those hard times…

The style is not yet finally defined so check it out here and let us know if that’s a good direction:

Energy-based Save Game mechanism

Finally, we’ll introduce the save game mechanism. I say mechanism because we think it is not a common setup. You can save the game if you have enough energy. You gain energy by exploring or killing monsters. One save game takes 50% of full energy, so basically you can have max 2 of them and you need to think twice whether you should save it now, or save it for later.

Feedback adjustments

You guys requested, we will deliver. Here are some of the things that repeated in your feedback and we already implemented:
● Isometric view
● Keyboard movement
● Settings (controls and video)

Team growth

Our team has expanded with few more teammates! We’re very happy to have them on the board as they help us tremendously to make the best game possible for you! I think I’ll introduce new additions in one of next posts 🙂

What’s next?

The plan is to finish the demo till 22th of October and send it to internal testers to check whether there are some blocking bugs etc. Then it will be sent to all of you who have subscribed to our newsletter here:

At the same time, we’ll work towards improving cave locations. Other than that we still have other tasks to do like:
● Storyline
● Character development (with sort of “soul itemization”)
● Spell upgrades and balance

Thanks for reading!
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