Monthly Report #11 – November 2016

Dust after contest submission

Sapu vs Larissa
Let’s face it, meeting up deadline in a hurry makes mess. Concepts, notes, code blocks, ideas, design docs, repositories and other files – all that have specific place. Such place has to be well-structurized and easily accessible. Not much was “easily accessible” at the end of October when we were trying to ship as polished build as possible for the FreeGalaktus Contest. Although we didn’t win the contest, we are very happy how the game is shaping up right now. Thank you all who voted for Sapu!

November was the month when we did cleanup. The project is refreshed so much, that it feels a bit like a new beginning. Maybe it is some kind of a sign? Frankly, we have almost 2 years of experience now. We learned so much during this time that sooner or later such cleanup had to be done. Now we can focus on further content.

No screenshots lately

One thing that you might noticed lately is that we didn’t post any screenshots on social media. Don’t worry, we’re still in business working hard. But one thing I’ve learned, is that we went public with Sapu too quick. To market the product properly, you need to have nice content to show it. As Sapu is our first title, A LOT of screenshots, gifs and other media are required to gain exposure. However, with the methodology of creating Minimum Viable Product and then creating further prototypes iterating and improving the gameplay, the source of this content is very limited. Basically we had one level that was being changed/improved over and over again. After several similar screenshots I felt that it started to feel boring. Also, we didn’t really wanted to show the gameplay (in the form of gifs) yet, as we knew that it may change a lot.

Qra is doing a really good job creating new locations, spells and other visuals right now. I just don’t want to do the same mistake, putting all new stuff out and then having no assets to show at a constant rate.

What’s next

How we want to end the 2016

New milestones have been set, others were adjusted. We have clear goals now. 2017 is gonna be huge for us. Basically we divided the whole big Sapu project into 2 sub-projects for near milestones:
“Ideal demo” – our nearest milestone. Ideal demo means that everything is gonna be polished, tested and will showcase Sapu’s potential on various game conferences and contests we’d like to take part in 2017.
“Ideal trailer” – create assets for the rest of the game and create ideal trailer from it.

Although these sub-projects have some common goals (tasks are interrelated), for now we are more focused on making ideal demo. And we want to have a majority of it done by the end of this year.

The importance of year summary

Almost full year of (part-time) development. So many things happened this year. Make sure to read the next report when I’ll sum up this entire year – prepare for much longer post. Also, I’ll go full transparent as of our plans for 2017 too!

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