Monthly Report #9 – September 2016

How’s your day going? Things are pretty intense here mates! We’ve done the rebuilding process from graphical perspective. Now we’re trying to finish the technical side of it. Due to full hands of work and limited (as always) free time – this post will be a short one. The most important change achieved this month was…

Huge graphical improvement!

Transition to almost full 3D is doing wonders! Every day Qra surprises us with new visuals that he can create using lightning effects, textures and (especially) Unity 5’s particle system. Just check out those screenshots!
We’re still working on smoothing animations of Sapu to feel his movements and actions more natural and its a lot better now. Also, all Sapu skills have been polished and improved. Considering pretty nice comments about visual effects of our previous version, we’re very excited about these opinions now!

What’s next?

Indie Game Contest

Yep, that’s right – we want to attend in the FreeGalaktus2016 contest. That’s big for us. We want to present Sapu to the group of experts that specialize in marketing side of gamedev. So as games can be submitted till the end of October, we have almost one month to “finish” the v.02 prototype. And thats pretty tight. We have a lot to do… Hopefully we won’t encounter any blocking bugs in the meantime. As for the features that I would really like to add from the previous version (other than improved graphics and gameplay tweaks that we’ve done so far) is:

● a “path pointing system” for those who don’t like being lost
● some story glimpses to get players more into Sapu’s ruined world
● (optional) selection of one of the two additional skills (or providing some passive skills) as a tiny representation of this whole RPG that we’re talking about and is yet to be implemented


Even though the game is still much in the production stage and is far from polished version, we are looking forward to this contest. Sapu is slowly going out from the basement 🙂 So let’s go work!

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