Monthly Report #5 – May 2016

We’re getting close to finish the prototype!

It was an intensive month where everyone put a lot of effort to finish our first playable demo. We made pretty big step forward in development since last report. Finally, I started to enjoy playing the game! 🙂 Earlier, for the most part I only saw flaws that needed to be took care of. Now, I feel that the game needs few major improvements(AI / lighting and shadows / More fun skills) and few tweaks here and there to be one of the big surprises in the gaming industry! Ekhm… ok, back to the earth. Check out the most important issues of this month:

All characters created and implemented

See this quick presentation of what characters will be included in a prototype!

Huge file size of build version

Unfortunately, during the whole process of development, we did a rookie mistake. We didn’t put much attention on our final build file size. I can’t express our amazement when we first saw that our build weighs over 4 GB (while all our files weigh approximately around 500MB) :O. Quick research showed that the problem was that we wasted too much pixel space on spritesheets. It was very convenient for us, but man it would be distaster in a long run.
build size
Luckily, we found the cause quickly enough. Qra is currently optimizing all the sprites.

AI/Pathfinding system

More you get, the more you want. Although the system is still not top-notch and has its flaws, as it finally got better, we felt that we want even more. We had interesting discussion on Orkabat’s (first ranged enemy) behavior and things that he can do. And trust me, when you unleash this creative mind, it can escalate quickly. This way we would not finish the game before 2023 😀

As of now we decided that Orkabat will perform basic attacks with some special movement (e.g. sliding left and right). But it is highly probable that we’ll add another skill that pushes Sapu away. It has the potential to be super fun so we’ll see how it goes.

I’m pretty sure that the whole AI “task” will follow to the release day as we will always want more, want it better etc. Maybe the fact that every creature will be fun to fight against is gonna be our trademark? We’ll see.

Transition to 3D sounds

How on earth we thought it is not necessary? 😀 3D sound system is basically fully implemented in Unity that allow you to hear certain object on left speaker if it is on the left side of your screen (and vice-versa on the right side). This month we implemented this system and modified sounds. Now we hear water near river (and not on the entire map :D), raven as it passes by and everything feels much more natural. Fortunately we didn’t have thousands of sounds to modify yet.

Additional teleport skill

Now, beside 4 basic spells that were implemented some time ago, we added a teleport one on Air element. This basic teleport is so much fun to use and also will help playtesters survive in this horrible world we’ll put them on 🙂

Other done tasks

● Basic AI + Larissa AI (with additional spells)
● In-game GUI
● Main menu (animation – we’ll try to implement it in mp4 format)
● 3D sound system + sound effects for almost anything required
● Sound management system tweaks
● Spell interruption (when sapu get hit)
● Pause menu with nice controls presentation
● Credits + Success/Game Over graphics

What’s left?

● Optimizing build size – currently about 2,7 GB
● AI improvements – this is the most important task, with current flaws/bugs the game is still not ready to be put in playtesters hands
● Spells fixes (one spell will be fixed, one most probably will have updated graphics)
● Implementing music changes while fighting with Larissa
● Settings customization for playtesters (i.e. volume and brightness)
● Final level design (+ balancing stats)
● Contact with playtesters + creating questionnaire
● Uploading demo

Our postponed prototype deadline is 12.06. Check out our Facebook and Twitter accounts to get recent updates how it goes!


I am pretty happy with this month’s stats. We were much more active on social media including all #screenshotsaturdays and provided additional content at a constant rate.


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