Monthly Report #3 – February 2016

Hello everyone what’s up? We didn’t write anything for a long time, but we are coming back with another Monthly Report – this time we’ll summarize February and provide some information about our plans for this month.

First of all, as you may noticed on our Facebook page, we all agreed upon deadline of our major goal, which is to create a prototype (about 10-15 minutes gameplay long) by the end of April! I am happy with the progress we’ve got on the gameplay side and the fact that we’re getting closer to finally show the game to first playtesters!

Secondly, it is important to mention that we met earlier this month and decided to remove some features (mana and items) from our game in order to not overdo it with the amount of work ahead of us and limited man-power. Eventually, we want to bring this game to the market, so it was very difficult but reasonable decision. However, we also decided that we will create 3D models for every character/enemies as it (after initial slow-down for learning purposes) should be easier to create animations and match their quality to beautiful environment.

So yeah… On to the development process:

Main tasks

Improve gameplay experience

● Created the demo Scene, but it’s not 100% finished yet – we’ll be iterating and improving it as the gameplay will look better
● Finished Sapu movement mechanic (accelerations etc.) in order to “feel” the movement more natural
● Implemented a feature that pauses entire game for a tiny moment after hitting/killing an enemy (it is a nice feature for spells with more damage)
● Improved ranged enemy behavior (now they predict player’s position and aim more naturally with projectile spells + added some randomization)
● Created dark ambience like environment sound for prototype scene
● Based on some concept arts of how Sapu will look like, we agreed on “a boy with a hood” as a final (pre-prototype at least 🙂 ) Sapu appearance

Other tasks

Other than pure functions to improve gameplay we did some additional work including:
● Created 9 minutes of post-rock style music for calm scenes/menus etc. in collaboration with talented guitarist Damian-pok! Parts of this song have been used for our music so check it out!
● Created sound system that enables to easily add sounds with basic parameters
● Added some functions that accelerate level design


Well this was not a good month of marketing from my part. I had less time overall and even when had it, I wanted to focus more on the game content rather than strict marketing. Additionally, I think that the most effective marketing is to show screens, gifs and other content from the game so in my opinion it was a good decision.

Anyways, let’s dig into some numbers!


As a positive part – bots are not bothering us! Atleast for now…

Social Media

Twitter’s follow-for-follow methodology caused us to even loose some followers (it was 22 at highest) but it is not our policy as we want to gather true followers that will support us in our gamedev path!

Main tasks for next month

This month we’re continuing our road to create first prototype. The main tasks for March include:

● Improve AI of enemies (mainly pathfinding)

● Add the feature that slows down Sapu after getting hit

● Add missing spells that have influence on the movement of Sapu which should improve “gameplay fun” tremendously

● End all the gameplay sounds

● Create entire spider enemy (model and textures)

● Create early model for Sapu (it will be improved in April most probably)

● Finish the prototype scene (environment etc.)

That’s it. I am mostly concern on our art/SFX/3D-modelling part for this month as we don’t have much experience in it. Well, wish us good luck and stay tuned for another monthly report. Also, don’t miss this week’s #screenshotsaturday as we’ll show our first gif of prototyped scene!


  1. Fanboy

    Where’s april report? 🙁

  2. sprajt (Post author)

    Hey Fanboy!

    We’re very sorry about the lack of previous report! It’s been crazy month for me and I couldn’t manage to find the time to write-up our progress. Expect new report today! 🙂


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